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Valentine's Day

Discover the perfect Valentine's Day collection from Nooe Berlin jewelry, handmade with love and care in Berlin. Our collection includes beautiful bracelets and necklaces that embody the symbols of love and friendship. Each piece is minimalist yet expressive, with touches of vintage and boho chic.

Our designs feature heart and opal details made from high quality gold plated 925 silver. Each piece exudes timeless elegance and is perfect for expressing your affection. Give the gift of a piece of Berlin craftsmanship and show your love in a stylish way.

Discover the Nooe Berlin Valentine's Day collection and find the perfect gift for your special someone.

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Silberkette mit Opalith Herz Anhänger
Silver necklace with opalite heart pendant
Sale price€31,50
Figaro Armband mit Opalith Herz Anhänger 925 Sterling Silber
Goldenes Figaro Armband mit Herz Charm Anhängern vergoldet
Goldene Paperclipkette mit Herz Charms vergoldet
Feiner Labradorit Ring mit ovalem Stein handgemacht
Mondstein Ring mit ovalem Stein gold handgemacht
Feiner Mondstein Ring mit ovalem Stein 925 Sterling Silber handgemacht - NooeBerlin
Offener Armreif mit zwei Labradoriten handgemacht - NooeBerlin
Open bangle with two labradorites handmade
Sale price€28,50
Perlen Armband bunt Herzen Regenbogen vergoldet Süßwasserperlen verspielt - NooeBerlin
Tiara Kronen Ring mit Labradorit Spitze - NooeBerlin
Tiara crown ring with labradorite tip
Sale price€21,50
Weißer ovaler zierlicher Mondsteinring - NooeBerlin
White oval dainty moonstone ring
Sale price€21,50
Tiara Kronen Ring mit Mondstein Spitze gold handgemacht - NooeBerlin
Großer Labradorit Ring mit ovalem Stein - NooeBerlin
Large labradorite ring with oval stone
Sale price€32,50