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Why Nooe?

If you are looking for jewelry that is not only beautiful but also full of magic and awareness, then Nooe is the right place for you. Our "why" is at our heart - it defines who we are and why we do what we love: creating jewelry that enriches your life while not losing sight of quality and sustainability.

At Nooe we have a vision - we want to create special handmade jewelry that inspires you, makes you happy and accompanies you in your everyday life for a long time.

We mix different materials to create unique designs. We use a variety of materials such as 925 sterling silver, pearls, brass and gold plated pieces. Our jewelry is consciously handcrafted and made with great attention to detail, making it so unique.

Why? Because we believe that jewelry is more than just a fashion accessory - it is a statement about your individuality and consciousness. Jewelry tells a story and reminds. Finding the perfect piece of jewelry is often like a wondrous treasure hunt.

Our “why” is reflected in our commitment to conscious production. We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and society and are committed to a resource-saving production process. We produce partly in a small workshop in the West Indies, as well as in our studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It is important to us that everyone in our supply chain is paid fairly. Why?

Because we believe in a world in which we can make a positive contribution together by reusing high-quality materials and finding sustainable alternatives. We wanted to constantly learn and develop. We are students too.

Our jewelry is intended for people like you who lead an active lifestyle and are enthusiastic about self-development and conscious living. Our jewelry is more than just accessories - they are symbols of strength, talismans and signs of personal growth. Why? Because we believe that jewelry should have meaning and can accompany us on our path.

Our “why” drives us to continually develop and become better. We are proud to be a growing brand that stands out for its authenticity, quality and special designs. Why? Because we value you and want to offer you a special and inspiring experience.

We look forward to inspiring you and offering you jewelry that you can wear with pride and joy.

Shining greetings ,
your Nooe team