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Article: Green jewels and its background in history, culture and nature

Grüne Juwelen und seine Hintergründe in Geschichte, Kultur und Natur

Green jewels and its background in history, culture and nature

Introduction: A green dream is revealed

Have you ever looked at a lush meadow or a dense forest and felt an inexplicable feeling of peace and harmony? There is a good chance that the fascinating color green, which represents life itself, has captivated you. Yes, you guessed it right! We immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of the color green and its gemstones, which are more than just beautiful stones. Take your magnifying glasses, we're going on a green adventure!

Once Upon a Green Dream

Imagine: You are walking through a mystical forest, the sunlight falls through the treetops, the leaves rustle under your feet, and the air is filled with a wonderful natural scent. Ah, the beauty of nature! From towering trees to the tiniest leaves, green is the brush that brings nature to life. But did you know that green is more than just a feast for the eyes?

Mandala Kette mit Tropfenförmigen grünen Stein

Fun Fact: Did you know that green is the most soothing color to the human eye? It's no wonder we often retreat to green spaces to find solace and refresh our senses.

The historical and cultural diversity of GRÜN

From the ancient Egyptian pharaohs to the Celtic Druids, green has been a color of awe and reverence. In Egypt, green was the hue of Osiris and symbolized rebirth and renewal. It's like hitting life's reset button - the original "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" of ancient times! Celtic cultures saw green as the epitome of life and fertility and celebrated it in their folklore and traditions. Green was also used in art by the ancient Egyptians. They used green earth and malachite, while the ancient Greeks used verdigris. During Impressionism, green experienced a resurgence in art, due to advances in green pigments and paints. The rich emerald green became popular in fashion in the 1800s and was used for gloves and dresses.

Let's Talk Gems: The Green Parade

Now let's get to the real rock stars of the green world - the gemstones! Imagine Mother Nature searching for jewelry; these would be her top tips.

Emerald: The Jewel of Natural Beauty

Our first gemstone on this journey is the legendary emerald! This beauty is like the eye of the forest, enclosing its lush greenery. Attention, fun fact! Cleopatra had a great fondness for emeralds; she even claimed ownership of all the emerald mines in Egypt. That's what I call a green obsession!

Bild eines Smaragd Steins

Jade: A Stone of Serenity

Jade, oh Jade! It is the epitome of harmony and balance and has been valued in various cultures for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations believed jade had magical protective powers. It's like having a little guardian angel in your pocket! It was believed to bring happiness, harmony and balance to whoever possessed it. Fun fact: The ancient Chinese believed that jade had protective powers and could protect them from harm. No wonder this stone is still valued today for its elegance and symbolism.
Bild von Jade Steinen

Picture from JEWELRY GUIDE

Malachite: The Transformer

The malachite with its captivating patterns is a transformer. He is the Optimus Prime of the green gem world and helps you grow and evolve. The ancient Egyptians used malachite for their eye makeup - yes, you read that right! There's nothing like a little malachite glam!
Bild eines Malachit Steins

Peridot: The Sparkler of Positivity

Peridot is like a burst of summer, a ray of sunshine captured in a gemstone. It is supposed to spread good mood and drive away negativity. This stone is associated with luck and feelings of happiness. It is believed to evoke a feeling of calm and abundance. Some even say that wearing a peridot can help bring prosperity and love into your life. Who wouldn't want some of that sparkling green magic?

Kette mit Malachit Anhänger

Why are plants green?

Now that we've explored the world of green stones, it's time to unveil the botanical secret: Why are plants green?

The answer lies in a magical process called photosynthesis. Think of it as a big green celebration in every leaf, blade of grass and tree on our planet. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into energy and oxygen. This life-sustaining alchemy occurs thanks to the green pigment chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is nature's solar panel, most efficiently absorbing sunlight in the green part of the spectrum. It captures this energy from sunlight and converts carbon dioxide and water into glucose (energy) and oxygen. For this reason, green plants absorb the sun's rays to promote their growth!

Green is a color that is deeply rooted in history, culture and nature. Its association with growth, vitality, balance and healing has made it a significant and widely appreciated color. Green stones such as emerald, jade, malachite and peridot embody these meanings and have been revered in various civilizations for their beauty and symbolism. Understanding the historical and symbolic significance of green provides valuable insight into its continued importance in our lives and society. Green is not just a color; it is a vibrant celebration of life! 🌱💚

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