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Tiger eye pearl necklace with baroque pearl and gold plated pearl details

Sale price€53,45


Discover our fascinating tiger eye pearl necklace with a unique baroque pearl and gold-plated details. This handmade necklace exudes elegance and combines the natural beauty of the tiger's eye with the charm of the baroque pearl and the refined gold-plated details. Tiger's eye is often associated with courage, self-confidence and protection, while the baroque pearl represents uniqueness and individuality.

This necklace is not only a piece of jewelry but could also help promote strength and creativity. Experience the beauty and potential energetic impact of this artistic necklace and underline your style with a pinch of positive energy."
All of our pieces are handmade. This is what makes our jewelry so unique.

The material retains its color and leaves no marks on the skin. It is extra thick with 0.5 micron and 14k gold plated and can be left on when showering. Waterproof!

The chain is about 43 cm long.

If you have any questions, please write to me at any time.



Shipments within Germany are uninsured, if you would like insurance you can add it to your order.

Shipments to the EU, the USA and all other regions of the world are automatically tracked and insured.


A gemstone is like a fingerprint - no two are alike. In addition, the energetic natural materials support the wearers. Here you can find out what effect the different stones have.

Tiger Eye
Tiger's eye is an important main stone for the zodiac signs Virgo, Gemini and Leo. It helps to break old patterns and make decisions in new, independent ways. The gemstone shimmers in shades of brown and gold and owes its name to its resemblance to the eye of a tiger.

Pearls are associated with  beauty, seduction, grace and elegance and are also considered a symbol of fertility. They promote lunar properties and are associated with the zodiac sign Cancer, whose planet is the moon.

Tigerauge Perlenkette mit Barokperle und vergoldeten Details Perle
Tiger eye pearl necklace with baroque pearl and gold plated pearl details Sale price€53,45

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