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Mondstein und Labradorit

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Consciously handmade

Nooe's jewelery is handmade. We produce ourselves in Berlin, as well as in a small workshop in Rajsatan, India. Fairness, quality, international structures and personal contacts are particularly important to us. We think holistically and try to be conscious and transparent at every step.



The labradorite increases creativity and intuition and helps to achieve desired goals. The labradorite has the colors blue, green, gray and yellow. The shimmer and the metallic sheen are really striking. He
is a variety of moonstone. It is the birthstone of Pisces.

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The moonstone strengthens both the psyche and the woman's menstrual cycle. It sharpens intuition and intensifies feelings and empathy. The moonstone is a white stone with black inclusions. It owes its name to its shimmer, which is reminiscent of moonlight. It is the birthstone of Pisces or Cancer.

Rings with moonstone


The black onyx is used to
increase self-confidence and resilience and thus increases joie de vivre and stability in life. The onyx can be a pure black stone, or it can appear with white, translucent, or even variegated varieties. It is the birthstone of Capricorn.

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Our Mission

Nooe's style is inspired by nature and life in Berlin. NOOE was founded in 2018. It represents strength and a clear mind. For many it may be important to use this word more often to stand up for their own limits.
As a young woman on a very limited budget, I felt that all the jewelry I liked or could afford was either basic or poor quality. NOOE is supposed to change that.

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