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Fine earrings with quartz gold plated handmade gold

Sale price€29,75


All of our pieces are handmade. This is what makes our jewelry so unique. For this reason they may have small differences.

This listing is for a pair of earrings. So if you choose 1 you will get a pair of earrings.

This piece is gold plated. It also stays golden for a long time. Waterproof! Antiallergenic!

They are 1.5 cm wide.

Earrings cannot be exchanged for hygienic reasons.

If you have any questions, please write to me at any time.



Shipments within Germany are uninsured, if you would like insurance you can add it to your order.

Shipments to the EU, the USA and all other regions of the world are automatically tracked and insured.


A gemstone is like a fingerprint - no two are alike. In addition, the energetic natural materials support the wearers. Here you can find out what effect the different stones have.


The healing stone quartz is intended to open the mind during meditation and ensure an undisturbed flow of energy. Possible applications for quartz

Quartz water cleanses and strengthens the immune system

Put on/carry if you are afraid, restless or have physical complaints

Placing it in the room clears your thoughts and strengthens other healing stones

Zodiac sign assignment Quartz is the main stone for Capricorn, secondary stone for Gemini.

Feine Ohrringe aus Quarzkristall vergoldet handgefertigt - NooeBerlin
Fine earrings with quartz gold plated handmade gold Sale price€29,75

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