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Bracelet freshwater pearls Amazonite gold handmade pearl

Sale price€32,50


In our studio in Kreuzberg we conjure up these beautiful bracelets with dedication and craftsmanship. The combination of the shiny, genuine freshwater pearls and the earthy Amazonite stones gives each bracelet a unique look and a touch of summer feeling.

These bracelets are not just accessories, they are statements. They tell your story and underline your individual style. And the best part? They are handmade, crafted with love and care to ensure you are wearing something very special.

Get a piece of Kreuzberg craftsmanship and urbanity today and make a statement with one of our handmade bracelets made of freshwater pearls and amazonite in gold.

The material retains its color and leaves no marks on the skin. It is extra thick with 0.5 micron and 14k gold plated and can be left on while showering.


The bracelet is adjustable and 16-20cm long.

If you have any questions, please write to me at any time.



A gemstone is like a fingerprint - no two are alike. In addition, the energetic natural materials support the wearers. Here you can find out what effect the different stones have.

In general, the gemstone has a calming effect and is even said to help against depression. It stimulates the metabolism, helps with menstrual cramps and headaches. If you feel neck tension, you should place an Amazonite on your neck.

Pearls are associated with beauty, seduction, grace and elegance and are also considered a symbol of fertility. They promote lunar properties and are associated with the zodiac sign Cancer, whose planet is the moon.


Shipments within Germany are uninsured, if you would like insurance you can add it to your order.

Shipments to the EU, the USA and all other regions of the world are automatically tracked and insured.

Armband Süßwassererlen Amazonit gold handgemacht - NooeBerlin
Bracelet freshwater pearls Amazonite gold handmade pearl Sale price€32,50

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