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Article: Jewelry in winter: How to wear your jewelry in style

Schmuck im Winter: So trägst du deinen Schmuck mit Stil

Jewelry in winter: How to wear your jewelry in style

Winter is the time of cozy sweaters, warm scarves and hot drinks, but that doesn't mean you have to pack away your favorite jewelry. In fact, the cold months are the perfect time to experiment with different jewelry pieces that can add a touch of elegance to your packaged look. Whether you're heading to a holiday party or just want to spice up your everyday winter style, here's a guide to wearing your winter jewelry with flair and sophistication.

  • Chains Layering

  • Pairing multiple necklaces together has become increasingly popular lately, and it's great for winter. Start with a simple, dainty necklace as the base for this look. A delicate necklace or piece with a small pendant is an excellent choice. You can wear a longer necklace with a slightly larger pendant or charm on top. The contrast between length and size creates a visually appealing and balanced effect.

    In winter, you can wear necklaces over a high-neck sweater or turtleneck to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Opt for warmer metallic tones like gold or rose gold to complement the cozy winter colors. Pairing a gold pendant necklace with a rose gold statement piece creates an elegant, polished look.
  • Frau mit Layering ketten

  • Statement Earrings

  • Statement earrings are a sure way to draw attention to your face, and they work especially well in winter when your neck and ears usually are less visible. This time of year, statement earrings can be eye-catching and add color to your overall look.

    Statement Ohrringe

    Long, dangling earrings or chandelier-style earrings are a good choice for winter. They bring movement and elegance to your outfit, whether you're attending a winter wedding or a Christmas party. To amp up the effect, wear your hair up to show off your statement earrings. A bright red or deep burgundy pair of earrings can add a festive touch to your ensemble.


  • Stacking ringse - Stacking rings

  • Stacked rings are a popular jewelry trend that can also be worn in winter. The best part about stacking rings is mixing and matching different styles and metals to create a unique look. Try a combination of plain rings, gemstone rings, and rings with intricate patterns.

    Herrenhand mit Ringen

    In winter, pair cool metals like silver and white gold with gemstone rings that match the season's color palette. Deep blue sapphires, emeralds and amethysts are the perfect choice. Stacked rings look classy.

    Damenhände mit Ringen


  • Bracelet Stacking

  • Don't let your wrists go unnoticed this winter. Stacking bracelets is a great way to enhance your style and elevate your winter look. Mix and match bangles, cuffs and beaded bracelets to create a balanced stack.
    Mixing metals works well to create an eclectic yet harmonious look. These playful additions will make your wrists look festive.

    Armreife an Armen

    During the winter season, jewelry can be the missing piece that adds a touch of glamor and style to your packed outfits. You have many options, from layering necklaces to statement earrings or stacked rings. Remember to mix and match bracelets to complete your winter look. With these ideas you can wear your jewelry confidently through the winter and look your best even in cold and gray weather. So, this winter, don’t be afraid to shine and show off your unique style with the right jewelry choices.

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