Design unique jewelry with transparency and awareness

Our products are manufactured in India, more precisely in Pushkar, a small town southwest of Jaipur. Pushkar is known for its sacred lake, temples, and lively jewelry district. The creative spirit and traditional handicraft of the region have been sitting here for countless decades. The knowledge of the finely crafted pieces of jewelry is passed on from generation to generation.


International paths and personal structures

The workshop in which our products are made is also located in the Pushkar jewelry district. A team of up to twenty workers produces our collections meticulously by hand. Through direct and personal contact, we can ensure that the work is fair and safe.


The price for fairness and security doesn't have to be high

All of our artisans must meet the minimum age for employment, which is automatically guaranteed because only fully trained jewelry makers are employed. We ensure that more than a living wage is paid and that all people are safe in their jobs. Since we work closely with the workshop and thus save unnecessary middlemen, we can remunerate everyone involved fairly and at the same time offer our customers moderate prices for our products.

The local people should also know their own strengths

For every product sold at NOOE, 50 cents go back to Rajastan, the region of India where our jewelry is made. We cooperate with them there Barefoot College India. The initiative is currently building a new school in Rajastan where women will learn how to use solar cells to generate electricity. This also gives families in remote regions access to energy and enables them to live more autonomously. In addition to the newly acquired knowledge, it is also about strengthening the role of women. In another project, reusable feminine pads are made and the cycle is explained. Because in India the topic of menstruation is still a taboo, which it aims to break.