Just like me, NOOE is from Berlin. I'm Eva, the founder of NOOE.

As a small child it was a highlight of the summer holidays to go to the Natural History Museum in Berlin with my grandmother and my mum. I was really mesmerized by all the huge natural colorful rocks and minerals that were there. It was amazing that they grow like plants in nature - and my mum had taught me a lot about gardening and plants!

Nooe's style is inspired by nature and life in Berlin at the same time. 

One might assume that NOOE fancy is pronounced French, but it's pronounced like Berlin's "Nö", a form of "no". 

NOOE was founded in 2018. It represents strength and a clear mind. For many it may be important to use this word more often to stand up for their own limits. 

As a young woman on a very limited budget, I felt that all the jewelry I liked or could afford was either basic or poor quality. 


Conciously handmade

NOOE jewelry is made in Pushkar, Rajasthan. The Indian state of Rajasthan is one of the key areas for jewelery making in the world. There you will find many artisan communities. The knowledge of creating finely crafted jewelery is passed down from generation to generation, keeping the creative and vibrant spirit of the region alive.

The workshop we work with is located in the lively jewelry district of Pushkar. Nestled between some of the city's most sacred temples and the scenic lake, our small community of 20 artisans make our items.

By working with an international team, I want to ensure that NOOE jewelry is made with great respect for its craftsmen. On my journey through India I visited many studios and workshops and finally decided on this small place in Pushkar.